7 Short Christian Quotes To Inspire You

Today, I’m sharing seven short Christian quotes to inspire you on your walk with God.

I believe Christian quotes are beneficial for two reasons. The first is that by reading the Biblically-based reflections of others, we come into contact with the common faith beliefs of our Christian brothers and sisters around the world. The second is that Christian quotes remind us of truths we need to reflect on constantly.

So when I share faith quotes, my goal is to help remind you of who you are as a new creation, and the hope you have in Christ.

By the way, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you’ll also find 3 tips on how to grow in your walk with God.

But first, let’s look at the quotes.

7 Short Christian Quotes To Inspire You

1. Pilgrims

“We are merely pilgrims journeying to our true home.” Anna Hawkes Cabral

2. Follow Jesus

“Follow Jesus. No matter where. No matter when.” – Anna Hawkes Cabral

3. Where He Leads

“Where He leads, I will follow. The world behind me. His face before me.” – Anna Hawkes Cabral

4. Faith Is Seeing The Light

“Faith is seeing the light amidst the darkest of days.” – Anna Hawkes Cabral

5. True Joy

“True joy is not absence of pain, rather it is awareness of eternal hope.” Anna Hawkes Cabral

6. Death Holds No Grip

“Death holds no grip on those who believe in the giver of Life.” – Anna Hawkes Cabral

7. One Day

“One day fear, pain, and death will be no more and the righteous will live forever.” Anna Hawkes Cabral

3 Tips On How To Grow In Your Walk With God

All of us need to grow in our faith. Our walk with God is continually developed over time when we do these three things:

  • Participating in a local community of believers—YouTube meetings cannot replace real community and doing life together with other believers;
  • Teaching others—by discipling others in their walk with God, you will grow in your own faith;
  • Spending time in the word and in prayer—read the Bible to learn more about God, and pray to God about anything and everything. Develop a relationship with Him.

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