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Slow Living As A Mama And Full-Time Homemaker

In today’s episode, I chat with my friend Hailey Lindberg about how slow living relates to the Gospel, motherhood, and homemaking. This is a fantastic interview, and I loved hearing Hailey’s thoughts on living for Christ in our homes.

About slow living with regard to homemaking, Hailey says:

“Slow living to me is about enjoying it (homemaking). You’re not trying to get to the next moment quickly. It’s a heart posture of contentment.”

Check out the interview here:

About Hailey

“I am a Christian woman who wants to love the Lord and love my neighbor well. I want to live in such a way that others smell the Bread of Life. Also, I am a wife, a mother, a home teacher-we homeschool, and a friend. I want to help my family and others to taste and see the Lord is the Good. Ideally, I want to help communicate the Goodness of God in a tangible way. 

My hobbies include talking. I like to talk and listen to others talk. I enjoy discussing things in the categories of theology, apologetics, and pondering the deeper things of life. In the in-between moments of homemaking, doing lessons with our kids, activates, and moming, I am either listening to a podcast, researching, or reading something at some point of the day.”

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