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The Desolate Place

From the Silence Is Golden Devotional Series

Today I’m sharing devotion number four in the Silence Is Golden Devotional Series. In today’s devotion I share about how we need to follow Jesus’ example and find desolate places to be alone with our Father.

The Desolate Place – S5 E4

Focus Verse

And rising very early in the morning, while it was still dark, he departed and went out to a desolate place, and there he prayed. Mark 1:35


Jesus was an itinerant rabbi. He didn’t have a home. He was constantly surrounded by crowds. By needs. By requests. 

Yet, Jesus didn’t forgo one thing. Time alone with God the Father. He purposely sought to spend time with God in silence. To do so, Jesus rose early and went to desolate places. Because it was dark, it was unlikely that he would be spotted, even if anyone was awake. Because it was early, it was silent. Because it was desolate, there were no distractions.

As busy mums, we too must actively look for desolate places. Places where there are few distractions. Places where we can be in silence and focus on prayer and Bible reading.

For some, this might mean waking up before the family. For others, this might mean staying awake later at night. For others still, this might mean reading the word and praying when the kids are napping. 

We may go through seasons where 10 minutes is all we have. Others when we might have an hour. The important thing is to find a space and a time to be with the Father. Away from distractions. Away from noise. Away from our little one’s needs and demands. 

Will you join me in this quest for silence, mama?

Questions for reflection

  • When’s an ideal time of the day to spend focused time with God?
  • What are the desolate places in your life? Where can you go to be away from distractions?


Thank you, Jesus, for showing me the importance of spending time alone with the Father. Show me where I can go to be alone with God. Help me to die to my desire to work, or rest over spending time with You. Help me know that with You, I find true rest and joy. Strengthen me by Your Spirit. Amen. 

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