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The Lord Will Fight For You

From The Silence Is Golden Devotional Series

Today I’m sharing devotion number three in the Silence is Golden Devotional Series on the podcast and blog. In this devotion, I talk about the reason we can be at peace and be silent: the Lord fights for us.

The Lord Will Fight For You – S5 E3

Focus verse

The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.  Exodus 14:14


There’s something about being silent, which carries the idea of being passive. But it’s not always so. Sometimes it takes great self-control to be silent and not act; to wait patiently for God, instead of taking the reins.

As mums, we can often feel like everything that happens in the lives of our children is our responsibility. That we need to act in order to release our children from their fears, or that we need to heal them if they have an illness. Yet, God calls us as mums to primarily trust in Him and bring to Him our fears regarding our children. 

Again, this is not passivity on our side. It’s simply recognising our limitations and God’s infinite power. We can trust that He will fight our battles. 

Our part is simply to come to Him in humility. And that means often taking a time away from our work and responsibilities, and spending time with God in prayer. It means resting in His presence as we let go of our anxious thoughts.

Questions for reflection

  • Are you striving to solve certain issues in the lives of your children (illness, night terrors, slow development) instead of taking these anxious thoughts to God in prayer? 
  • What time habits do you need to change in order to spend more time with God in prayer? 


Jesus, help me not strive in my own strength to solve my children’s issues, but first and foremost turn to You in prayer. Help me align my time priorities so that I spend more time with You. Help me rest in You and know Your power. Thank you I can trust that You will fight for me. 

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