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Unit 4 – From Idolatry To True Worship

This Bible Study Guide is based on the book: Impact: Gospel Hope For Every Woman. (You can read it for free on Kindle Unlimited. Available on Amazon worldwide.)


Individual / Group – Spend some time in prayer asking God to bless this Bible study time asking Him to reveal His love and His gospel and lead you into all truth.


How do people (including Christians) engage in idol worship? 

Individual –  Brainstorm and note down your answers in your journal.

Group – Brainstorm as a group.


Listen to the first 13 minutes of Recognizing and Fighting Idolatry on the Let’s Talk Podcast by the Gospel Coalition.

Individual  – Read the questions below before listening. Then write your answers in your journal after you listen. (Listen again if necessary.)

Group –  Read the questions below before listening. After listening, discuss the answers as a group, and write them down. 

  1. Do you agree with the quote from John Calvin – “The human heart is a factory of idols every one of us is from his mother’s womb experts in inventing idols”? Why?
  2. Why did the Israelites feel drawn to the obvious worship of idols after they were rescued from Egypt?
  3. What idols of the heart are mentioned? Are they the same ones you wrote in the Brainstorm section?
  4. Why do we so easily create idols of the heart?
  5. How can we enjoy God’s gifts without making idols out of them?
  6. What was it that led Abraham to be willing to sacrifice Isaac? What does this passage illustrate?

Questions for Reflection

Individual / Group – Answer the following questions in a journal.

  1. What areas of your life have become ultimate sources of love, joy and significance, instead of God? (For instance, family; home; appearance; entertainment.)
  1. What practical steps could you take to demolish or demote these idols? (For instance, how you spend time; fasting from certain foods or drinks; eliminating TV shows or social media.)
  1. What practical steps can you take to help you be intentional about putting God first in your life? (For instance, routine for a focused time with God; how you spend your evenings after work; how you spend your money; what you listen to.)
  2. Do you feel you’ve been striving to put God first, without relying on God’s Spirit to help you? (For instance, spending time on the spiritual disciplines without asking God for His revelation and empowering through the Spirit.)

Individual – Look through your answers to the Questions for Reflection. Is there anyone you need to seek for accountability?

Group – Look through your answers to the Questions for Reflection. Discuss in pairs. Share in the group.

Next Step

Individual / Group

  • Read the next chapter in the book Impact: Gospel Hope For Every Woman – “From Other-Perfectionism to Grace”. Then do the next unit in this study guide (Unit 5 – linked below). 

Next Unit – Unit 5

Previous Unit – Unit 3

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