Faith,  Impact Study Guide

Unit 5 – From Other-Perfectionism To Grace 

This Bible Study Guide is based on the book: Impact: Gospel Hope For Every Woman. (You can read it for free on Kindle Unlimited. Available on Amazon worldwide.)


Individual / Group – Spend some time in prayer asking God to bless this Bible study time asking Him to reveal His love and His gospel and lead you into all truth.


What are common objects of perfectionism? 

Individual – Brainstorm and write your answers in a journal.

Group – Brainstorm as a group.


“If you look for perfection, you’ll never be content.” Leo Tolstoy

Individual – Reflect and write your answers to the questions below in your journal.

Group – Take a few minutes for each person to reflect on the quote and answer the questions below. Discuss as a group. 

  1. In what paradigm is this statement true? In what way is it false? 
  2. Read Ecclesiastes 2:4-11. Can you relate to the author of Ecclesiastes? What conclusion did he come to?
  3. Why do you think the author of Ecclesiastes came to that conclusion?

Questions for Reflection

Individual / Group – Answer the following questions in a journal.

  1. In what areas have you been demanding perfection from other people, possessions, and experiences? (For instance, faultless performance at work; perfect celebrations; dissatisfaction with what God has provided you with.)
  1. Think of three situations where you struggled with the imperfections of life. (For instance, loved ones who didn’t cooperate in creating a memorable experience; disappointed hopes regarding a holiday; a home purchase falling through.)
  1. How does knowing that God designed you to be in communion with His perfection change your outlook regarding seeking perfection from others? Think of these three areas: understanding the need for perfection, accepting it, and redirecting it. 
  2. What truths about God and His everlasting kingdom can transform the way you live in this broken world? Think of specific Bible verses.
  1. What can you do to help you turn to God in praise in the moments where you feel dissatisfied with the world? Think of practical steps you can implement. 

Individual – Look through your answers to the Questions for Reflection. Is there anyone you need to seek for accountability?

Group – Look through your answers to the questions for reflection. Discuss in pairs. Share in the group.

Next Step

Individual / Group
Read the next chapter in the book Impact: Gospel Hope For Every Woman – “From Pride to Humility”. Then do the next unit in this study guide (Unit 6 – linked below). 

Next Unit – Unit 6

Previous Unit – Unit 4

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