Faith,  Impact Study Guide

Unit 6  – From Pride to Humility

This Bible Study Guide is based on the book: Impact: Gospel Hope For Every Woman. (You can read it for free on Kindle Unlimited. Available on Amazon worldwide.)


Individual / Group – Spend some time in prayer asking God to bless this Bible study time asking Him to reveal His love and His gospel and lead you into all truth.


What is humility according to society? What does the Bible say about humility?

Individual – Brainstorm and write your answers in your journal.

Group – Brainstorm and discuss as a group.


Listen to this excerpt from a sermon given by John Piper – What is humility?

Individual – Listen and write your answers to the questions below. 

Group – Listen and write answers individually. Discuss as a group. 

  1.  What is John Piper’s definition of humility?
  2.  What Bible verse does John Piper talk about?
  3.  Where does this attitude come from?
  4. How can we overcome self-entitlement and grow in humility?

Follow-up Reflection

Individual – Reflect on the questions below and note down your answers in a journal.

Group – Spend some time individually reflecting on the questions below. Discuss as a group.

  1. How can you preach the Gospel to yourself in your everyday life? Think of a practical action plan.
  2. How can you gently teach others the Gospel when they struggle with self-entitlement?

Questions for Reflection

Individual / Group – Note down your answers in a journal.

  1. What areas of your life do you feel God is showing you to let go of pride? (For instance, parenting, lifestyle, work.)
  2. What Bible verses help you ‌grow in humility towards others and God?
  3. How does the Good News of God’s Character help you grow in humility? Think about key characteristics that belong to God alone. 
  4. How can you humbly recognise other people’s worth and beauty as image bearers? Think about ways you can both let go of any feelings of contempt towards people who differ from you, and how you can grow in affirming others.

Individual – Look through your answers to the Questions for Reflection. Is there anyone you need to seek for accountability?

Group – Look through your answers to the Questions for Reflection. Discuss in pairs. Share in the group.

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