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6 Tips To Prepare An Extra Special Breakfast For Guests

Today I’m sharing six tips to prepare a special breakfast for guests. Whether you’re planning on having extended family over for Sunday breakfast, or you have friends over and you want to prepare a special affair, I’m sure you’ll find some pointers here to help you create memories over this special meal.

6 Tips To Prepare An Extra Special Breakfast

1. Dress up

dress up for breakfast to make it extra special

Don’t lounge around in your pyjamas! To make this breakfast experience feel extra special, wash, dress up in something beautiful and even apply some perfume. Obviously, you don’t have to wear a ball gown, but by dressing up a little, you’ll feel like this is a special event, rather than just another meal.

If you have kids, get them to do the same. Make it a special event that requires care and preparation.

2. Dress the table!

dress the table to make the meal extra special

While you don’t need to bring out the china, if you dress the table with a tablecloth, some napkins and a jar of flowers, the meal will feel special.

You can also add candles, simple table decorations, and a set of plates or cups you don’t use often.

3. Variety Is King

serve a variety of food to make breakfast extra special

Instead of just serving bacon and eggs, try to think of some different breakfast foods to serve: yoghurt and granola, fresh fruit, pastries, sausages and fried tomatoes, muffins, pancakes, you name it.

When deciding what to serve, think about the season – fruit salad, avocado slices and smoothies for summer, pastries and hot drinks for winter.

4. Fancy Beverages

serve fancy beverages to make the meal extra special

No, I don’t mean champagne! (Although you can if you want to!)

But seriously, instead of simply serving some instant coffee or a couple of mugs of tea, why not get out the cafetiere and the teapot? If you have kids, make up some juice in a pretty jug and hey presto!

5. Serve in courses!

serve breakfast in courses to make it extra special

Spinning off what I mentioned about variety, if you want to make a memorable breakfast for your guests or your family, consider serving it in courses. For instance: first – yogurt, fruit and granola; second – eggs, bacon and toast; third – cheese; fourth – pastries or waffles.

I know this is an unusual choice for breakfast. When you go out for breakfast or brunch, it’s common for it to be served as a buffet. But the thing is, we want this breakfast to be different. To be elegant. So why not try out serving in courses? 🙂

6. Listen to soft music

listen to soft music for an extra special meal

The final touch to this special breakfast is to add some lovely background music. Remember not to have the music on too loudly and try to choose instrumental music that lends itself to casual listening.

If you can and want to you can even create a playlist of your favourite mealtime music for future events.

That’s it!

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6 tips to prepare an extra special breakfast for guests

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