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I Have Chosen The Way Of Faithfulness

Today I’m sharing a short devotion about the importance of choosing to stay faithful to God’s ways and God’s word.

I Have Chosen The Way Of Faithfulness

Focus Verse

I have chosen the way of faithfulness; I have set my heart on your laws.- Psalm 119:30


Sometimes I think of the Christian life as something you just do. It’s a habit or a normal part of life. But reading this verse, I’m reminded of another reality: I don’t simply walk in God’s ways; I choose to walk in God’s ways.

Even though I am a child of God and I have a heart of flesh, as a human being I also have to contend with the flesh. And the flesh within me does not always want to follow God’s ways. The flesh is self-focused, comfort-driven and controlling.

And so following God’s will is not something I just do, but something I actually have to choose to do where the rubber meets the road.

I Have Chosen The Way Of Faithfulness - psalm 119:30

When I’m at the supermarket and someone jumps the queue ahead of me do simply fester my frustration and dislike, or do I choose to release my frustrations to God and let go?

Or when my children are making a mess in the living-room just after I tidy everything, do I indulge the flesh, shout at them and slam the door? Or do I choose to take a deep breath and explain my frustration to my kids while graciously understanding their child-like joy in making a mess?

So often in the New Testament, we are told to put off our old fleshy ways and clothe ourselves in the new. And so this is the reality. The Christian life is about choosing to be righteousness in our actions, to align with the rigtheousness that is already ours in Jesus.

Questions for Reflection

– How can you teach this verse to your children in a way they will understand and with practical examples?

– What are your areas of greater struggle when it comes to self-control?

– How can you choose to follow God’s will in these situations?


Lord, I pray that You would enable me to follow Your ways and choose to do so in the struggles I often face as a wife and mum. Help me to honour You and be faithful to You and teach my children to do the same. Amen.

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