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Faith Is Confidence In What We Hope For

Hi, mama! Today I’m sharing a devotion for Christian women about faith because it’s the very anchor we need to get through life.

If you’re new to my blog, I share many devotions for Christians mums here and on the podcast. Each devotion has a focus verse, a short devotion, questions for reflection (with specific questions for mothers included), and a prayer.

Ok, so I’m going to jump right in!

Faith Is Confidence In What We Hope For – A Devotion For Christian Mothers

Focus verse

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. – Hebrews 11:1


When I was young, I used to see faith as a one-time experience of putting your hope in Christ for salvation. Now, at the tender age of 36, I no longer see it as so. Or rather, as just so. Faith is not just the one-time decision of trusting in Christ alone for salvation.

Faith is the continuous walk in truth even when our feelings do not match God’s word. Faith is the peace that invades our soul when we walk through the valley of despair. Faith is the beautiful hope of living by what is unseen, yet more real than the air we breathe. 

faith is confidence in what we hope for
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And so, it’s in those tender and beautiful moments of turning away from our feelings, our expectations, our visible realities, and of turning to God that we experience peace beyond measure, confidence in Kingdom reality, and hope of eternal joy. 

Faith is not for the faint of heart. It’s a battle! In believing in God, we’re going against the lies of the enemy, the flesh and the world.

It’s no coincidence that in Hebrews 11 there’s an account of those who are considered heroes of faith. Those who went against culture, family, and expectation to follow God into the unknown. Those who decided to take God at His word, despite the surrounding circumstances.

This is the kind of real and raw faith I want to have. This is the kind of faith I want to model to my children. How about you?

Questions for reflection

  • Can you think of a time in your life when you really grew in your faith? 
  • What helps you personally to let go of fear and anxiety and grow in faith? 
  • What can you teach your children about faith? How can you encourage them to grow in faith in practical ways?


Thank you, Lord, that I am Your child and I can be sure of your promises. Thank you, Lord, for the truth that never changes. Help me, Lord, to grow in faith as I take steps to hold on to Your word over my feelings, expectations, or experiences. Help me also to teach my children to really follow You and grow in faith. Amen! 

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