6 Ways Busy Mums Can Make Time For Daily Devotions

It’s my belief that mums are some of the busiest people on the planet!

Not only do they have children to take care of but also they have everything else that comes with life: errands, housework, outside work, relationships, church ministry, voluntary work, the list is endless.

As a mother myself, I’m writing about this based on my own experience.

As some of you know I work in four different areas at the moment: translation, blog and social media work (I don’t see it as a hobby as my goal is to grow it as a business), writing (devotionals, blog, etc.) and mother’s ministry (hello Butterfly Mums!).

I also look after the home and take care of my children from when I pick them up from school at 3.30, every day.

Life is busy! And so, I completely understand that devotion time is something that needs to be fought for tooth and nail!

And boy, is it worth it!

Spending time with Jesus every day is precisely what our thirsty souls need. His word is our daily bread and our prayers and worship help us grow in relationship.

I actually believe it’s in applying our everyday life to our faith that we grow spiritually.

Now, when I was a young mum, I was constantly busy and overwhelmed. I remember my days being filled with feeding, sleep routines, rocking, singing, housework, and general care.

So with that in mind and taking into account the different stages that we go through as mums, and also our unique personalities, I thought I would share some ideas for making time for devotions every day.

Believe me, it’s totally worth it!

1- Incorporate Bible and worship time into your daily activities

this is how you make time for devotions when you're a busy mother
Listen to the Audio Bible while cooking

If you don’t have much time to sit down and read the Bible, try listening to audio versions while you’re driving, getting ready in the morning, walking (while the baby is sleeping perhaps!) or cooking.

While I believe that reading the Bible is generally better, because you’re more focused, and you can underline and reread parts, audio versions are a good option for super busy seasons!

You can also do this with worship music and listen while you’re going about your daily routines.

2- Take turns with dad for bedtimes, meals and baths

how to make time for devotions when you're a busy mother
Take turns with daddy to do your child’s evening routine

This is a good tip if daddy is around in the evenings and your children still need a lot of supervision for bath time and meals.

Simply create a rota for giving the children dinner, giving them a bath, or even putting them to bed at night.

Then, shut yourself in your bedroom and make the most of it!

3- Read or listen to the Bible and pray while breastfeeding or holding to sleep

listen to the audio bible while breastfeeding or holding to sleep
Listen to the Bible while holding to sleep or breastfeeding

This is a good trick if you have newborns who feed and settle quietly. They may even like it if you read out loud to them!

You may be able to hold a Bible while feeding, or you may find it easier to just listen to an audio version on your phone.

Do whatever works best for you and your situation, but make sure you get fed!

4- Do your devotional time while your children are having a nap

Do devotion time while the children are having their naps

If your children have naps on their own during the day, make the most of it! If you’re sleep-deprived, you could divide your time between reading and praying and then sleeping.

5- Establish a quiet time at home

set up a family quiet time so you can have time to do devotionals
Establish a quiet time at home so that you can do your devotions in peace and quiet (as much as is possible)

When your children don’t sleep in the day anymore, create a quiet time for the family!Either send your children up to their bedrooms to read, or play quietly, or you could all have a quiet time together!

Give the children some books to look at, while you read the Bible. Or you could read a children’s Bible out loud to them and then spend some time explaining the meaning and application.

Not only will your children grow in faith, but by teaching the Word, so will you!

6- Get up earlier than the rest of the family

Get up earlier than the rest of the family to do your devotion time

If you’re no longer in the sleep-deprivation stage of motherhood, and your children aren’t early risers, you could try getting up before the rest of the family to have a devotional time.

This is actually what I do at the moment. I set my alarm for 6.15 (this would have been unthinkable back in my sleep deprivation days!) and I have a cup of tea, while reading my Bible. It’s actually the perfect time of day to do devotions, because the house is quiet, and there are no interruptions!

If this doesn’t work for you, however, you could try doing your devotional time in the evening before bed.


As busy mums, we won’t simply find time to do our devotions. We actually need to make the time. And spending time in the word and in prayer is precisely what our thirsty souls crave.

Therefore we need to implement strategies that will help us make time for devotions: getting up earlier than the rest of the family, listening to an audio version of the Bible while cooking or driving, taking turns with daddy to bathe the children, establishing a quiet time at home, reading the Bible while breastfeeding, etc.

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6 ways busy mums can make time for daily devotions

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