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Commit To The Lord Whatever You Do

From The Holy Grind Devotional Series

Today I’m sharing devotion number 1 in the Holy Grind Devotional Series: Commit To The Lord Whatever You Do.

In this devotion, I share the importance of working unto the Lord.

Commit To The Lord Whatever You Do – S4 E1

Focus Verse

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans. – Proverbs 16:3


Hard work is important as it’s part of our creation design, however, we need to commit the work we do to the Lord. As Christian women, it can be tempting sometimes to be involved in everything that seems good from a human perspective.

Yet, as Christ followers, it’s imperative that we submit our plans to the Lord. Instead of simply going for work that seems good, God desires that we submit to His plans for us.

Sometimes that might mean focusing on fewer activities and doing them with all our might. Other times that might mean being involved in several projects as a support to other people.

One thing I’ve noticed is that God often takes us through seasons. He may take us through a season of working in one specific project, and then another season where He shows us to release that work to someone else, and focus on something new. 

The main point is that we commit all we do to the Lord and let Him establish His plans. 

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Questions For Reflection

– Are there any current work projects or time commitments you sense God is showing you to let go of?

– Do you regularly talk to an accountability partner from church about how you spend your time?

– Has God been leading you to take on something new?


Lord, I pray for us as Christian mums, that You would help us to commit all of our plans, all of our work to You. That we wouldn’t work to simply please other people, or to please ourselves, but that we would do everything in surrender to You, Lord. Please give us wisdom about what we can take on, and what we need to let go of, in the season we’re in now.

Give us the strength and the grace to do all things that You will for us, Lord. Help us not to fall into laziness, but also not to fall into striving, without considering what You want. And help us to balance spending time with our children, with our husbands, with our friends, and family with work and other projects. In Jesus’ name. Amen

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