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Work For Eternity

Today I’m sharing devotion number five in the Holy Grind Devotional Series. Today’s devotion is about the importance of working for God’s Kingdom.

Work For Eternity – S4 E5

Focus Verse

Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you. For on him God the Father has placed his seal of approval. – John 6:27


The world values success, money, status. Yet, in God’s Kingdom, we find true blessing when we work for eternity: making disciples, serving our families, spending time with our children, opening our arms to the foreigner, giving to the poor, surrendering our time to the King of Kings. 

While in the world, people pursue money to enjoy life to the full, they are often left empty and bewildered. That which was supposed to fulfil, does not fit the bill. It is no wonder when they look to creation and not the Creator for unfailing love and joy.

Reading the word is essential if we want to grow in putting God’s kingdom first

Jesus tells us that when we go to Him and put His Kingdom first, we will live abundant lives. Yet, when we turn to Jesus and put His Kingdom first, we must not focus on our own blessing, but on how we can reach the world with God’s love. Indeed, putting God’s Kingdom first is so profoundly countercultural that in doing so, we point those around us to the truth of the Gospel, the hope we have in the eternal kingdom, and God’s unfailing love for His creation. 

So mama, let’s work for the imperishable crown and surrender our time, our children, our money, our lives to Jesus, our Lord, and Saviour.

Questions for reflection

  • In what practical ways can you work for God’s kingdom right here and right now?
  • What has God set before you as a mother, which you know is not considered much in the eyes of the world, yet it produces an imperishable crown of beauty?


Lord, I pray we would put Your Kingdom first above all else. I pray we wouldn’t believe in the lies of the world: that we need to pursue ourselves or that we need to pursue career and status. That we would open our arms to the foreigner, and the poor, and that we would make disciples. I pray we would bring up our children as disciples too. Help us to live for Your Kingdom first. Amen.

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