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Matilda’s Lesson

Hello, mama! Today I’m sharing a short story about a little girl called Matilda, who thought rest was the answer to life until the day she had too much of it!

This short story contains the following Biblical principles:

– both work and rest are part of God’s creation design (Genesis 2:1-3)

-work is important to bless others (Galatians 6:9, 10)

So without further ado, here goes today’s story:

Matilda’s Lesson

Matilda sat at the kitchen table one sunny morning eating her porridge. Today was Thursday, which meant she would have gymnastics at school in the afternoon, as well as the usual routines of crafts, reading and joint games. As she sat there thinking about school, Matilda suddenly had an idea. What if she didn’t go to school that day? After all, her mummy had said she would be working from home. Maybe Matilda could stay with her. Just then, her mum came into the kitchen, and Matilda decided to ask her:

– Mummy. Can I say with you today? I want to stay at home and rest.

– Why Matilda? Do you feel ill?

– No, it’s just that school is so tiring sometimes. Please mummy, let me stay.

– Ok, you can. But you know that next year when you go into year one, you won’t be able to miss school just because you feel like it.

– Thank you, mummy. I promise I’ll be good today. I’m just going to spend the day resting!

So as soon as Matilda finished breakfast, she went to ther bedroom, sat down on the mat and got out her toys. The morning went by quickly, and before she knew it, her mummy called her for lunch.

– Well done, Matilda. You played quietly all morning on your own. But how about getting dressed sweetie?

– But mummy. I really want to spend the day in my pijamas. And I don’t want to brush my teeth. Please mummy. Just this once.

– Ok! – Her mummy looked doubtful but to Matilda’s surprise and happiness, her mum was going along with what she wanted.

After lunch, Matilda’s mum let her watch a film, but as soon as it finished Matilda felt bored. She’d been OK all morning, but after being entertained for two hours, she felt lonely. She asked her mum to play, but she was told she had to wait. Her mum had to finish her computer work. Matilda sighed and looked for something to do: finally she found a colouring book and coloured two pages. When she finished, she heard her mum go to the kitchen. Quick as a flash, Matilda ran there and said:

– Mummy, can you play with me now?

– Oh, sweetie. But what about dinner? I also need to do the laundry.

– But mummy, please play with me.

– Ok ok. But you might need to help me with dinner after.

– But mummy, today’s my rest day. Can’t we have pizza?

– I guess. What do you want to play?

So for the next thirty minutes Matilda and her mum played cards and then darts, and Matilda felt happy. After pizza, she heard her dad come home, and she asked him to read her a bedtime story. But her dad had other ideas.

– Bedtime story? How about helping mummy with the house things? Your room is a mess, Matilda.

– It’s ok, dear. Matilda said she wanted to have a rest day.

– Ah, and you’re just going to let her!?

– Yes. I want Matilda to know what it’s like.

Then her mum winked at her dad. Matilda didn’t really understand what was going on, but she sure was glad she didn’t have to tidy her room.This is the life. She said to herself as she tucked herself into bed with her teddy.

Next morning, Matilda told her mum the same as the day before. She wanted to have a rest day. Her mum said yes, and the day went pretty much like the one before. Except one thing. Everything seemed to go wrong.

Matilda couldn’t find the toys she wanted in the morning, because she’d left them all in a mess the night before, and her mum couldn’t help her because she was working. Then after lunch, Matilda’s teeth started hurting after eating the ice-cream she’d asked her mum for. Later on, after TV, she’d felt lonely and bored as her mum finished work for the day. And then her mum didn’t even play with her after her computer work because she was busy tidying, and getting dinner ready.

– Mummy! – whined Matilda – Can’t you play with me?

– Sweetie, you left your books and toys in a mess. And someone needs to cook dinner.

Matilda sulked. She stomped to her room and sat down on her bed. This wasn’t going as she planned. But then as Matilda sat in her room thinking, she came to a conclusion. She went back to the kitchen and said:

– Mummy, tomorrow I’ll go to school. And I’ll brush my teeth before bed. And mummy?

– Yes, sweetie.

– I’ll tidy my toys now. Resting is nice, but working is good too.

– I’m glad you think so, Tilda. I agree, and I love you lots.

– Love you too, mummy.

With that Matilda’s mum winked at her dad, and he smiled back. Matilda didn’t understand, but she was happy. At last, she wouldn’t be bored!

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