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Out Of The Boat

“Lord, if it’s you,” Peter replied, “tell me to come to you on the water.” “Come,” he said. ​​Then Peter got down out of the boat. – Matthew 14:27-29

When I was reading this verse the other day, I noticed something for the first time. Peter was the one who asked Jesus to call Him out onto the water. 

I know we often judge Peter for not having enough faith in what happens in this story, but in fact, Peter started out full of faith! I can’t think of many people, myself included, who would dare leave the comfort of a boat to walk on dangerous waters. 

Peter was brave. Peter was aware of the wind, but Peter chose to look to Jesus, whose power allowed him to walk on the rough sea.

So Peter got out of the boat. He left safety. He left comfort (in comparison to the rough waters). He left familiarity (he was a fisherman).

And so we too need to do that thing Jesus wants us to step out in faith and do. The winds may be strong. The waters may be rough. 

But He is the One calling us out. 

He wants us to trust in Him enough that we’re willing to forsake familiarity. He wants us to trust Him enough that we’re willing to forsake comfort. He wants us to trust Him enough that we’re willing to forsake safety. 

Maybe you feel Jesus call you to leave your comfort zone and share your testimony with your work friends. Maybe you can sense Jesus calling you to leave your friends and family and serve Him in another city or country. Maybe you know Jesus is calling you to adopt a child.

Or to risk losing money by coming clean with your taxes. Or to give up on social media. Or to go against the consumer culture by living a simple life.

Jesus speaks to us in different ways at different times. But He is calling.

Are you ready to step out of the boat?

Questions for reflection:

⛵ What areas in your life do you feel Jesus speaking to you about leaving comfort, familiarity, and safety of circumstances?

⛵ Have you taken this to your church leaders and/or prayed over these areas?

⛵ Why can you trust Jesus?


Thank You, Jesus, that You are calling me to trust You so much that I’m willing to surrender my comfort to follow You.

Thank You that I can trust You because You are good, powerful, and holy. Thank You that You are my rock and I can trust You to enable me to walk on water.

(Excerpt from Walking on Water – a 7-Day Devotional -available on Kindle Unlimited.)

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