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Ready, Set, Launch!

I’m so excited to share this amazing news with you! It’s launch day!

Unique – A Testimony Of Hope In A Comparison Obsessed Mommy Culture) is now out and available worldwide on Amazon

In case you missed out on what this book is about, I shared some details about the book here.

But basically, this book is about my deeply personal experience with insecurity, inadequacy, and guilt in my first years as a mother and how that affected my marriage, motherhood, and relationship with God.

In Unique I disclose the roots of my struggles and I share my journey to purpose, joy, and true security in God.

Unique invites you to come alongside me to explore the power of the Gospel to break through comparisonitis, perfectionism, and guilt, which are so rampant in motherhood today.

Meditate over the Biblical truth it exposes.

Pray over the parts that touched your life.

And ask God to help you become like Him while becoming the person He created you to be: unique. 

And finally, I thought I’d also share with you the chapter titles and parts. πŸ™‚

Part 1 – Great Problems


2. Overwhelmed Much?

3. On Matters of Conscience

4. Deep Insecurity

Part 2 – Great Discoveries

5. The Power of Choosing the Best

6. The Strength of Convictions

7. Marriage and Parenthood

8. Identity 

9. Chosen

10. Unique

11. The Purpose of Motherhood

Part 3 – Great Truth 

12. It’s All About Him

So, please check the book out and let me know what you think. I’d be honoured to have you as a reader.

Founder of Unique Mums

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