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I Started Designing Journals

So, I started designing journals the other week. My husband gave me the idea initially, and I took it on because I realized it was yet another way to create something that would spread the core message of Unique Mums.

Is it my natural gifting or training? No!

But I’m enjoying it and learning a new skill!

You see, for me, Unique Mums isn’t just a little blog for me to share my experiences and some homemaking tips.

Unique Mums is part of my creative business.

While it’s true that I provide a lot of practical information about homemaking and motherhood, within my Faith content – whether books, blog posts, devotionals, emails to my lovely subscribers, and now journals – there is a core message:

🌹 God designed us to be unique;

🌹 It’s our responsibility to submit to God and He will increasingly mould us to become like Jesus, which means we will become the people God created us to be;

🌹 Each person’s uniqueness is to be celebrated;

So my journals will reflect these messages.

They will convey Biblical truth. They will convey the Gospel. They will convey our condition as children of God: redeemed, chosen, unique.

God wants us to go out and be light in this dark world. So let us let our light shine on top of the rooftops. Let’s spread God’s message of redemption to this fallen world.

That’s my heart. And I hope and pray that God would use you too to spread His message in the unique way He has called you to.

As for me, here are my some of my designs! Click here to see more.

That’s it for now. But more will be released soon.

My purpose is to create unique designs that will suit different people. 🙂 Although, perhaps the uniqueness of my own taste will be reflected through them all!

If you’re interested in seeing future designs, please follow Unique Mums on Amazon , and you’ll get a notification each time a new journal is released.

Much love,

Anna xxx

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