Faith,  Impact Study Guide

Unit 9 – From Guilt To Repentance

This Bible Study Guide is based on the book: Impact: Gospel Hope For Every Woman. (You can read it for free on Kindle Unlimited. Available on Amazon worldwide.)


Individual / Group – Spend some time in prayer asking God to bless this Bible study time asking Him to reveal His love and His gospel and lead you into all truth.


What is guilt? What is conviction?

Individual – Brainstorm and write your answers in your journal.

Group – Brainstorm as a group.


Listen to “Will God forgive me of repetitive sins? by Tim Keller.

Individual – Listen and answer the questions, noting down your answers in your journal.

Group – Listen and discuss answers as a group. Write answers individually.

1. Does God forgive us for our repetitive sins? Why?

2. If repentance is partial, why does God still forgive?

3. Why do we sometimes repent, yet not change straight away?

Follow-up Reflection

Individual – Read the questions below and take the time you need to reflect on the answers before noting down your thoughts.

Group – Read the questions below and take the time you need to reflect on the answers before noting down your thoughts. In pairs, discuss your answers. Do group feedback at the end.

  1. What steps can you take to understand the root causes of the sin issues in your life?
  2. What truth about the Gospel do you need to cling on to when you engage in repetitive sin?
  3. How do you feel when the enemy accuses you of repetitive sin patterns? How do you feel when God convicts you?

Questions for Reflection

Individual / Group – Answer the following questions in a journal.

  1. In what situations or areas do you experience constant guilt feelings? (For instance, short-temper when you’re tired; forgetfulness regarding people’s birthdays; in relationships in which you feel you can’t correspond to other people’s expectations.)
  1. What biblical truths can you use when the enemy or other people accuse you? Note down specific Bible verses.
  1. How can you show the fruit of true repentance when the Holy Spirit convicts you? (For instance, confession to God and others; change of actions; acts of restitution.)
  2. How can you correct other believers biblically? Think of specific actions and words that will affirm both their identity in Christ, and their wrongful actions which they need to repent of.

Individual – Look through your answers to the Questions for Reflection. Is there anyone you need to seek for accountability?

Group – Look through your answers to the Questions for Reflection. Discuss in pairs. Share in the group.

Next Step

Individual / Group 

Read the next chapter in the book Impact: Gospel Hope For Every Woman – “From Condemnation to Discernment”. Then do the next unit in this study guide (Unit 10 – linked below). 

Next Unit – Unit 10

Previous Unit – Unit 8

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